"My first inclination is to call Kathy a magician, but that would be a disservice. I came to her for massage having been at war with my body for decades. As a 'newbie,' I did not have any idea what I was getting myself into. Not only did she meet me where I was (tense, uptight, and skeptical), she put me mentally at ease by listening without judgement, explaining what she was doing, and checking in with me throughout the entire massage. Kathy is skilled, intuitive, good humored. I can't believe how much I laughed --and-- reconnected with my body!”

~ N.I.


“I love receiving Ashiatsu massage from Kathy. She creates a warm, safe space where I can let go of my worries and let her take care of me. She is so attentive to all my needs.  I feel so relaxed & relieved of the stresses of life. I sleep so well on the nights after I have had a massage from Kathy!"



"I've been getting massage from Kathy for about ten years and she is wonderful! Highly skilled, intuitive, thoughtful, and strong, and even after all this time checks in to see if there's anything she can do differently to improve next time. She has a beautiful and effervescent personality that truly pairs well with the full experience. She is my go to for regular maintenance and well being and I can't recommend her enough."



"Kathy is awesome! We've been seeing her for years and I always feel totally relaxed, refreshed, reset, you name it, after a session. Highly recommend!”


"...Kathy worked wonders. I've only had maybe two massage therapists that I actually trusted, and Kathy has become my third. She heard and listened when I self-advocated for harder or lighter pressure (we only had one section where it wasn't happy, otherwise everything was utterly fantastic). I believe I had a Lomi Lomi massage? Not 100% sure. But I was taken to another dimension with how relaxed I was. I'm pretty sure I was half asleep for the appointment too. Man, did I need that nap/relax time. Most relaxed I've been in months. Kathy really listened to what my body was telling her (she can read minds right?). Got all the places that really needed and made sure each part of my body had equal time spent on it. She got my hands and arms, and I forgot that those were tired and hurting too until she got them to actually relax. She did the scalp thing, even with my hair in a bun, and ohhhhhhhhhhhh if she could do that for like a solid 45 minutes, I'd pay for that alone. Oh and she reminded me that butts are muscles too and they get sore and tired, and that butt massage was to die for, literally got to the point where whenever she asked if what she was doing was okay, I'd just nod my head because I was speechless."


Kathy Prewitt

Massage Therapist

(503) 970-8748

Lic. #13993

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